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If you believe you need Gas Line Repair in your Spring, TX home, don't delay. Call (713) 936-4196 right away.

sewer line installationFor all your natural gas line repair and installation needs in your Spring, TX area home or business, the number to call is 281-821-1947 to schedule your appointment with the friendly and efficient professionals at Spring Plumbing Services.

Gas Leaks

If you suspect you have a gas leak in your home or business, take immediate action. Natural gas has an additive that gives it a strong and unpleasant sulfuric odor specifically for the purpose of detection. Gas Line Repair may be necessary for your home or business if this occurs.

Evacuate immediately: Your first priority is the safety of all the occupants in the building. Make sure to get everyone out and at a safe distance from the building as quickly as possible.

Do not use any electrical devices: In a gas leak, any spark could cause an explosion. Therefore, you should not switch any light off or on, use the telephone or any mobile device until you are safely away from the building. Also, leave all computers just as they are.

Leave the door open: As you exit, leave the door open behind you. Also leave any windows open. This will help vent some of the gas.

Call 911 for your gas company: Once you have exited the home and are at a safe distance, call 911 for your gas company to have the gas supply shut off and make sure the building is safe.

Call in the experts: Once you have been given the all clear, call the professionals at Affordable Plumbers in Spring. Our licensed and qualified technicians will be able to find the source of the leak and complete the repair in order to return your home to normal.

sewer line repairExtending Your Gas Line

Have you had your eye on a new gas range, dryer or a natural gas barbecue? The convenience and energy efficiency of the new gas appliance is unbeatable. Most chefs agree that cooking on a gas range offers the best control and flexibility of temperature. Additionally, switching to a natural gas barbecue means you’ll never run out of propane or need to get your tank refilled in the middle of a backyard cookout.

Affordable Plumbers in Spring are just the right experts to fit your home with the necessary pipes to extend your natural gas line to where ever you would like to add a new appliance. Our licensed and expert technicians are ideally suited to complete the task quickly for you.

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