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Spring Plumbing Services provides garbage disposal and repair service in Spring, Katy, Sugar Land, Humble, Missouri City, Spring and The Woodlands. Garbage Disposal Repair and service provides a new and healthy working garbage disposal in the kitchen of your home. If you suspect your garbage disposal is not working to its full potential, call the Spring Plumbing Services for quick and timely garbage disposal repair and service at 281-821-1947.

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A garbage disposal professionally installed under your sink is not only a great convenience when cleaning up after meals; it is also an environmentally friendly feature for your kitchen. Food waste that is sent down your drain through the garbage disposal gets shredded into tiny pieces that can be safely eliminated with your wastewater. Doing this diverts solid waste from landfill sites. It is estimated that approximately 12% of all solid waste in US landfill sites are made up of food scraps. As these food scraps decompose, they release a harmful greenhouse gas called methane into the atmosphere.

Many water treatment facilities are now harvesting the methane found in municipal wastewater and converting it into bio gas. Therefore adding food scraps to your wastewater increases its methane content and therefore helps in the production of a renewable source of energy.

Another benefit of adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen is that it reduces the risk of unpleasant odors coming from garbage receptacles and makes them less likely to attract pests or vermin.

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